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As part of NASLIG’s broader objective to enhance the expertise of members of the National Association of Sign Language interpreters in Ghana, regional workshops and training are organized nationwide.

The Northern Regional membership of NASLIG had their professional development capacity-building training on the 8th of April 2023. The event was held in Tamale- Kalpohini on the Noble School Complex premises. The training focused on the experiences of SLIs in the Northern Region of Ghana, specialization, and respect for the code of ethics that guide interpreter practice.

NASLIG Trining

Mr. Iddrisu Mohammed in his presentation bemoaned the long durations SLIs had to work in the region due to the lack of interpreters. They sometimes had to refuse some interpreting job assignments because of the associated stress and health risks that often come with one interpreter working for long durations. Dzeani Phinehas, the executive secretary of NASLIG and projects manager with Interpreter Trainers reminded the terps to also consider possibilities of specializing in areas such as legal, educational, religious, and or health interpreting.  He argued that this could make their practice more focus-oriented and more effective in their work.

Mr. Sulemana Abukari, the Northern Regional Coordinating Secretary, in his presentation, emphasized the need for interpreters to be very alert to the codes of ethics that guide NASLIG members while they work. He reminded participants to consider confidentiality, professionalism, impartiality, respect for colleague interpreters, professional development, and commitment to guide their work.

Participants like Daniel and Lanyor were grateful for the training and called for legal strengthening and consistent workshops as these to Sharpen the skills of interpreters within the region. Other participants called on the executives of NASLIG to work hard to procure funding for future training. They also made requests to other SLIs who have not yet done so to join the national association so that interpreters can be seen as a professional group rather than individuals working in isolation.

Clement Sam (the NASLIG president), Joyce Fobi (HR of Interpreter Trainers), and Dean Atawulai Fuseini (a Northern Regional Coordinating Committee- RCC executive) all supported the event virtually. Isaac Abakah provided technical and IT support in setting up the hybrid event.


The Northern Region, the Regional Coordinating Committee, and the interpreters within the region look forward to their next capacity-building training.


By Beautiful-D